Good dental health is symbolic of an aesthetic and functional dentition that enables them to continue in their desired social and functional role. In India, trends beckons soar in oral health problems among children of all age groups. In a survey, it is found that almost 80% of kids are suffering from dental problems and need immediate treatment. Bad breath, Plaque accumulation, bleeding gums, white spots on teeth, inflammation, and cavities are predominant major oral health problems discovered in children.

The period of Childhood is a time filled with lots of exploration, adventures & growth. However, these years are prone to critical dental problems like missing spots of the plaque-causing cavity, and climbing up heights often end up in broken teeth. In the pre-grown stage child's teeth are softer known as Milk teeth so for being a parent it is essential to take care of your child's dental health through proactive and preventative care.

Here are the 5 important significant dental problems that Children experiences:  

1.  Tooth Sensitivity

Dental sensitivity is the most common symptom in child shooting pain through acid erosion and enamel wear by direct comes in contact while eating sweet, hot, cold, or sour food. It often disrupts your child's focus and makes them feel uncomfortable. There are various types of treatments and bi-annual checkups for diagnosing the underlying cause and helping to alleviate the dental pain your child is experiencing. To prevent the issue from getting worse it is better to consult an experienced professional dentist.

2.  Orthodontic Problems

Orthodontic problems like as misalignment issues, spacing problems, overbite, and underbite are consequences of genetics, with shape & size of plays a vital role in your child's growth. Orthodontic treatments specialize in improving the appearance of teeth by straightening the improper alignment & crooked teeth. Children have rarely perfect teeth, so boost your child's confident smile by opting for available orthodontics treatment.

3.  Pediatric Gingivitis and Gum Disease

Gingivitis is a mild form of inflammation of the gums mostly observed in children. It is quite a common problem precursor to gum disease that occurs due to poor oral hygiene and causes often pains in the mouth, swelling & gum recession in kids. Being a parent you have to avoid this by taking care of your child properly brushing and flossing daily. In case of any severe dental issues, don't forget to consult a dentist.

4.  Excessive Thumb Sucking

To soothe anxiety many infants, toddlers, and kids choose thumb sucking as a convenient pacifier. Until the child becomes old it becomes problematic for parents to quit their habit. Mostly chronic thumb sucking leads to open bites where upper teeth don't have properly aligned with lower teeth resultant in the existence of gaps even when the mouth is closed, it may also affect their speech.

5.  Cavities or Tooth Decay

Cavities are caused by the accumulation of sticky plaques on the upper layer of your teeth. Enamels get removed by coming in contact with acid in the plaque eventually wearing away the tooth.

Parents need to supervise & help children to supervise them by controlling their brushing & flossing techniques. If a cavity is developed then go to the best dentist in Jaipur for dental treatments which involve filling the hole with a hard composite material.